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Top cryptocurrency values exceed the value of major NYSE stocks and give investors robust returns. However, with market volatility, governing bodies scrutinize cryptocurrencies to figure out how to keep investors’ assets safe.

Although unregulated since Bitcoin took the world by storm, the market climate could shift with the 2021’s infrastructure bill, including an amendment that may change the digital coin market forever.

It consists of an amendment with possible tax implications, requiring brokers to report all cryptocurrency transactions. So it looks like regulation for cryptocurrency is on the horizon. Keep checking back or contact us for updates.


Blockchain’s secure digital ledger is the robust framework behind major digital coins, such as Bitcoin. However, the technology has a wide range of applications, and corporations are using Blockchain to protect other mediums of exchange.

In addition, other crypto innovations are impacting the market. We’re keeping our readers up to date on evolving crypto technologies, helping the market grow.

Crypto Market

Cryptocurrency is expanding across the globe via the internet. Moving into the mainstream, corporations, government agencies, and consumers are jumping on the bandwagon. As a result, thousands of coins are available to buy and sell.

In fact, consumer interest is sparking global adoption, with notable brands accepting the coins to purchase goods and services. Like the dawn of the internet, crypto growth creates vast opportunities for online users to produce wealth. We’ll keep our readers abreast of the market’s evolution.